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Climate change is a matter of life and death. State actions have fallen far short, Greenhouse gas
emissions and global temperatures are increasing, threatening genocide for Indigenous Peoples
in Africa, the Arctic, Coastal, Small Island and all other ecosystems.
Indigenous Peoples’rights are inherent, collective and internationally recognized, including rights
to life, self-determination, lands and territories, food systems, and free prior and informed
consent. We will not allow these rights to be diminished by conflating us with minorities,
vulnerable groups or local communities.
We have the right to full and direct participation, including our youth, women, persons with
disabilities and knowledge holders, in all UNFCCC bodies and processes including the new Article
6 grievance mechanism and the creation of a new financing mechanism accessible to Indigenous
Peoples from all regions and eco-systems.
Carbon markets and offsets, geo-engineering, “Net Zero” frameworks, “Nature-based solutions”,
“ecosystem services” do not cut emissions and are new forms of colonization.
The NDC’s must include clear indicators for drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,
including the accelerated phase out of fossil fuels in order to maintain the 1.5-degree Paris
commitment. The Paris Agreement also commits States to respect, promote and consider their
obligations to the rights of Indigenous Peoples in climate action. The Global Stock Take must
focus on implementation of these commitments.
We commit to real solutions based on our knowledge, practices and time-tested sciences, and
the full exercise of our rights, at the United Nations and in our own territories. We will continue
to work with you for the survival of our children, and yours.

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